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What is AR and how it is going to change the future of business?

Augmented Reality enhances the existing real-world environment with the help of artificially generated 3D objects to give more perceptual information. It is the most cutting edge technology when it comes to gauging user’s experience with your product in their own environment. Think about a world where you can exactly quantify a user's likeness towards a specific product by virtually trying it out in their own space. For eg. placing furniture in their living to check for dimensions, colour matching, and fit with the overall decor. This will greatly improve their experience in trying out your product, and make it easier for them to take the final decision. Coitor is uniquely positioned in this space to correctly identify the right avenues for your product and push the user to make the easy choice of buying your product.


Our Services


WebAR / Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality helps customers perceive the objects in their own environments in real-time. It helps create a personal experience in making the purchasing decision.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a completely-online experience where the user’s view will be similar to the real environment. The user is “transported” to an alternate reality, where they get to experience your products.

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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the rendezvous of the best aspects of both physical and digital worlds, helping us unlock the connection between humans, computers and physical environment.

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Case Studies

some of our great clients and their review

Requirement: Hero Motors, India’s top two wheeler manufacturer wanted us to create an unique experience for the Auto Expo 2018 in Delhi which is the largest Automobile event in India. It was straight forward to us that it has to be immersive and engaging for the customers with cutting edge technologies so that they stand out amongst other exhibitors.

Our Solution: Virtual Garage, We used Microsoft Hololens and developed a solution where customers could work on a virtual scooter. They could customize the entire scooter according to their needs by changing colors, seat covers etc.

Result: Saved costs for Hero motors by creating virtual garage instead of using physical products and set ups. Our solution was well received by more than 10,000 users in 2 weeks.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/WDO0ifF6SVk


Virtual Garage

Requirement: Idya, Australian Consulting firm, wanted to create an virtual environment for their cleint who runs manufacrturing industry to train their employees quickly and effectively also provide support for the clients remotely.

Our Solution: Microsoft Hololens based Mixed Reality training for their compressors and our Augmented Reality based remote support video call. This complete solution was hosted in Microsoft Azure platform to enable scale at any given point if time,

Result: Increase training efficiency and in remote support we were able to reduce the downtime of the machines to great extent and provide instant solution.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/-cyHaszbdvk


Remote Training & Support

Requirement: Royal Care, one of the biggest hospital in Tamilnadu, wanted to show case the operating procedures for house surgeons and providing them training on it.

Our Solution: 360 degree Virtual Reality based streaming of the ICU using Oculus devices. We had given both offline and online solution for live streaming.

Result:House surgeons were able to get an immersive and real life experience of the situation inside the ICU and how to handle that department.


Virtual Experience Tour Of ICU

Requirement: Powerblink, consulting firm for educational institutions, wanted to create an immersive experience for students to understand the evolution of solar system and other various areas.

Our Solution: We had developed Oculus devices based virtual reality platform for students. We had developed the entire evolution of the solar system in 3D animation and delivered to students.

Result:We were able to create a big WOW factor amognst the students in providing a great expereince. Above that the schools used this as marketing material to promote them and increase dthe admissions percentage.



Requirement: Elgi Ultra, India’s one of the top home appliances manufacturer, wanted us to build a interactive mobile solution to onboard their new customers.

Our Solution: We developed an Augmented Reality based Mobile App for them. Once they scan the product using their mobile phone we will be able to identify the product and overlay an 3D animation on top of the product welcoming them to Elgi Ultra and giving them basic instruction on how to use product.

Result: Customer satisfaction rating increased and their support calls were reduced during the on boarding process.

Note: It was run for specific devices as pilot.


AR Welcome Kit

Requirement: Idya, Australian Consulting firm, wanted to integrate AR based geo location into existing app.

Our Solution: Augmented Reality based Mobile App, the customer can open the app at the shopping streets and find out where they will be able to get discounts if they use a particular coupon

Result: Increase in foot falls for the shops who have signed up with our customer.

Note: Pilot under progress will not be able to disclose complete details


Geo Location Based AR

Requirement: CRI Pumps, India’s top five pump manufacturer, wanted to show case their entire manufacturing process, pump range and their showroom to their customers virtually across the globe.

Our Solution: 360 degree Video shoot and 360 degree Google photo shoot, we created virtual walk through of their experience centre by doing a 360 degree shoot.

Result: Took the entire showroom to customer’s comfort at homes and also at expos where they need not carry the pumps. We were able to reduce costs significantly in this.

YouTube Link: https://experience.crigroups.com/


Virtual Showroom

Requirement: Future Group, India’s top retailer, wanted create an virtual experience for customers where they could try on clothes to see how they look in it virtually, this solution to be used at exhibitions and showrooms.

Our Solution: Virtual Trial Room, We used Microsoft Kinect and developed a solution where customers could try clothes virtually and see how they look in it. They could mix and match with various tops and bottoms to see which looks good on them

Result: Increased conversion sales conversion ratio, by allowing them to try on clothes virtually. Our solution was well received by more than 100,000 users in the last 3 years.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/tL_qVq1lvYw


Virtual Trial Room

Requirement: Smartcomm service providers of Readers Digest Australia wanted to bring in innovative technology to run Christmas promotions.

Our Solution:: Digital Scratch, we replaced the physical scratch card with a digital scratch, customers will scan an image in the readers digest magazine, once scanned an image will appear on the mobile screen scratch it and check whether they have won or not.

Result: Saved costs for Readers digest in printing a million copies of scratch card and more importantly removing the health hazard caused by the scratch substance in those cards.


Digital Scratch, Australia

Requirement: Real Estate tech provider, to create an interactive mobile app for customers to identify the EMI and location of a property that is for sale.

Our Solution:: OCR, We developed a mobile app where customers could scan the advertisement of the property which is displayed physically and then display the contents of the poster in sorted format along with EMI automatically.

Result: Physical entry of the contents from the advertisement into the mobile app was removed. Our OCR tech automatically categorized the information and made it easier of the users to interact with app and reducing time in entering the details.


Optical Character Recoginiton, France


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